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Ride Comfortably & Safely in Curt’s Taxi Cabs for Peoria IL

Nowhere can you find more comfortable, reliable and affordable taxi cabs in Peoria IL, than with Curt’s Transportation Services. Peoria and the surrounding communities can be challenging to traverse; thankfully, Curt’s has the drivers you need to get from one location to the next quickly. Whether needing a pickup at the airport or a ride home from the bar, Curt’s expert taxi services have you covered.

A Taxi is All You Need

Are you worried about who your driver will be for your cab or rideshare? Can you guarantee pickup at the time you need it? Will you be able to get where you need to on time? These concerns are normal to have and precisely why Curt’s Transportation Services was started. With our taxis for the Tri-County area, you can be confident you’re getting the best ride around. Some advantages to riding with Curt’s include:

  • Experienced Drivers
    • Anyone can signup to be a driver through ridesharing services. This means you can never be sure of the quality of the driver you’re getting. Thankfully, Curt’s doesn’t operate the same way. We only hire the most experienced and professional drivers for our cabs. Our drivers are also well-versed in the Greater Peoria area, knowing the quickest routes to any location.
  • Safe & Comfortable Vehicles
    • Curt’s Transportation uses Scion vehicles as our primary means of taxi services. Scion vehicles are incredibly comfortable and safe, with some of the highest-rated safety standards of any car on the road. Our vehicles always ride smoothly and come equipped with phone charging ports, A/C, heating, plenty of trunk space and the latest features.
  • Private Rides
    • If relying on public transportation, you can’t count on a private and quiet ride to your destination. Conversely, Curt’s cabs and drivers give you the privacy you need. Our drivers are friendly and respectful of your time and personal space, allowing you time to relax, work or converse with others with no outside intrusions.
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Why Choose Curt’s?

While there are other taxi services and ridesharing options in the Greater Peoria area, Curt’s Transportation offers the best service. Curt’s 30 years of experience driving taxi cabs for Peoria IL inspired his desire to offer a more affordable and reliable cab service than other local companies. Our focus on consistency, professionalism and superior customer care has made us one of the Tri-County area’s go-to cab companies. Additionally, if you don’t require taxi services, Curt’s provides moving supplies and U-Haul rentals for customers looking to move to a new home.

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With Curt’s taxi cabs for Peoria IL, you know you’re always getting the fastest, safest, and smoothest ride in the Greater Peoria area. To learn more or request a ride, contact Curt’s Transportation Services today at 309-322-4227.