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Trusted U-Haul Service for Any Size of Move

Whether moving across state lines or relocating to the opposite end of town, finding reliable truck rental services is a must! As such, U-Haul service provides some of the best, most well-known truck rentals throughout the United States. Through Curt’s Transportation Services, not only can you find the perfect U-Haul truck for your move, but you can purchase moving supplies necessary for easily moving and protecting your belongings.

Why Rent a Truck?

It can be tempting to forgo the moving truck to save on time, money and complications with truck rental. However, without a moving truck, you’re likely to spend more on moving fees than you think. No matter the distance you’re moving, it’s worth considering the benefits of renting a U-Haul truck.

  • You Have Control
    • Rather than placing your furniture and belongings in the hands of hired movers, renting a truck allows you to take packing, loading and unloading into your own hands. While there is more work to be done when moving, you have control over how items are packed, how early (or late) you start loading, the people helping you move, etc.
  • You Save Money
    • Although you might think avoiding truck rentals can save you money, renting a truck or trailer can be more cost-effective. Without a truck, you must either rely on professional movers or friends and family with large vehicles. Hiring movers, in particular, can be costly. Additionally, making multiple trips with personal vehicles can rack up gas costs. Conversely, U-Haul rentals are affordably priced, with only minor fees for gas and rental insurance.
  • You Have Plenty of Options
    • Curt’s U-Haul service gives our customers numerous options for truck or trailer rental, with as many or few extras as you require. Our trucks and trailers come in multiple sizes, so movers can select the size that fits best with what they’re moving. Additionally, our trucks have optional additions such as moving dollies, furniture covers, ratchet straps, etc. And for long-hauls, movers can tow their vehicles using the trailer hookups on our trucks.
U-Haul Service

Truck & Trailer Options

As previously mentioned, there’s no shortage of options with Curt’s U-Haul rentals. You can select from multiple truck and trailer sizes, choosing the unit that best matches the size of the move you’re undertaking. Truck and trailer sizes include:

  • 8′ Pickup Truck – Small Loads, Home Improvement Jobs, Short Deliveries
  • 9′ Cargo Van – Small Loads, College Dorms, Studio Apartments
  • 10′ Moving Truck – College Dorms, Studio Apartments, One-Bedroom Apartments
  • 15′ Moving Truck – Two-Bedroom Apartments, Small Houses
  • 17′ Moving Truck – Larger Apartments, Two-Bedroom House
  • 20′ Moving Truck – 2-3 Bedroom Houses
  • 26′ Moving Truck – Large Houses
  • Cargo Trailers – 4’ x 8’, 5’ x 8’, 6’ x 12’
  • Utility Trailers – 4’ x 7’, 5’ x 8’, 5’ x 9’, 6’ x 12’

Call Today

When the time comes to secure proper transportation for your next move, ensure you have the right size rental truck and all necessary moving supplies with U-Haul service by Curt’s Transportation Services. Or, if you are interested in our additional services, such as taxi rides, contact us today at 309-322-4227.

U-Haul Service


U-Haul Service


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U-Haul Service
U-Haul Service
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