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Want to Find a Cab Near You? Count on Curt’s!

Do you need a ride? Are you trying to find a cab near you? If you are in Peoria or anywhere throughout the Tri-County area, you can count on fast and affordable rides from Curt’s Transportation Services! At Curt’s, we offer quick, safe and comfortable rides to anyone who needs them! No matter the time of day or where you’re located, Curt’s can have a cab in your area within minutes!

The Area’s Best Taxis

Public transportation and ride-sharing apps offer plenty of options for your transportation needs. However, Curt’s sets itself apart by promising experience, comfort and privacy you can’t always get with other transportation services. With Curt’s Transportation, you can expect:

  • Local Experience
    • Our drivers have spent years traversing the streets in and around the Greater Peoria area. Their experience and area knowledge ensures you always take the safest and fastest route to your destination. Moreover, with Curt’s, you aren’t getting random drivers looking to make a “few extra bucks.” You are always driven by friendly, trained, and reliable professionals.
  • Respectful of Your Privacy
    • Although taking a bus can resolve your transportation needs, it doesn’t afford you the same privacy as riding in a taxi would. Thankfully, you can count on Curt’s to provide a quiet, private ride wherever you need. Our drivers are respectful of your time and space, giving you ample opportunity to work, converse, or enjoy a moment of peace while in our vehicles.
  • Smooth Ride Experience
    • Busses aren’t the most comfortable, and you never know what you’re getting through ride-share apps. Conversely, Curt’s can guarantee a smooth and comfortable ride experience every time. Our Scion cab fleet is incredibly comfortable and has some of the best safety ratings of modern vehicles. Curt’s cabs come equipped with AC/heating, charging ports, truck space, and the latest comfort features.

Riding with Curt’s

Man enjoing a ride after they Find a Cab Near You

It’s not challenging to find a cab near you, but to find a taxi you can count on for reliable and affordable services. Thankfully, Curt’s Transportation Services fits the bill! For over 30 years, Curt has driven taxi cabs for Peoria and the surrounding communities. With a passion for consistency, professionalism and superior customer care, Curt began his own taxi company, offering high-quality service other local transportation companies couldn’t match. Also, if a ride isn’t what you need, Curt’s Transportation Services supplies residents with easy U-Haul rentals and additional moving supplies.

Give Us a Call

To find a cab near you that you can count on for the best in comfort, safety and local expertise, give the professionals at Curt’s Transportation Services a call. Request a ride by contacting Curt’s today at 309-322-4227.