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Your Trusted Local Taxis for Peoria IL

Without a proper method of transportation, there’s no easy way to get everywhere you need to be! Thankfully, there are plenty of options to get you where you want to go. And of your options, local taxis in Peoria IL are your best choice. Taxis allow you privacy and comfort not found with public transportation but still guarantee professionalism and quality, unlike some ride-share apps. Moreover, when searching for the area’s best cab company, Peoria residents trust Curt’s Transportation Services.

Why Choose Curt’s Taxis?

As already mentioned, there are some advantages to taxi riding that public transportation and ride-sharing don’t share. Hiring a taxi from Curt’s ensures your overall ride experience is always pleasant and without delay or deviation. Riders prefer Curt’s over other transportation options due to:

  • Experience – Booking a ride from drive-sharing apps has you choosing from a pool of “semi-local” drivers with varying experience levels. Conversely, Curt’s drivers have experience and training not common with ride-share drivers. Our knowledge of the Tri-County area and years of driving ensure you always arrive at your destination quickly and safely.
  • Quality – Busses aren’t always the most sanitary places. And while ride-share drivers are supposed to keep their vehicles clean and in decent shape, this isn’t always the case. Curt’s fleet of Scion vehicles is expertly maintained and equipped with the latest safety and comfort features. At Curt’s, we strive to provide you with the smoothest cab ride in Peoria!
  • Availability – There are no schedules or “preferred hours” for Curt’s taxis. No matter the time or day, Curt’s is quick to have a cab in your area. We offer 24/7 cab service, whether driving you to work or picking you up after a late night out.
  • Privacy – Most public transportation options lack a degree of privacy. Thankfully, such isn’t the case with Curt’s taxis. While our drivers are always friendly and quick to start a conversation, we also respect your time and privacy. In our cabs, you can take the time you need to check emails, talk on the phone, get some work done, or take a break without interruption.
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The Best of the Best

Curt has been a driver for the Greater Peoria community for over 30 years! With his years of experience traversing the Tri-County, few know the area better than Curt. Using his experience of local taxis for Peoria IL, Curt started his own cab services, striving to offer better customer experiences and greater professionalism than other local cab companies. Today, Curt’s drivers can be found across Central Illinois, providing fast, convenient and comfortable taxi services.

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If needing local taxis in Peoria IL, call on Curt’s Transportation Services for the best ride in the Tri-County area! Or, if requiring additional services such as U-Haul truck rental, call Curt’s today at 309-322-4227.