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Curt’s Transportation Services are the Taxis East Peoria IL Knows to Trust

When you need a ride, you want reliability and comfort. You want a driver who knows the local landscape and can navigate you to your destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. You want to make sure you’re not breaking the bank. And you want your ride to have the privacy you need so you can relax on your way. All of this and more is why Curt’s Transportation Services are the taxis East Peoria IL has called for years.

Our Advantages

Unlike public transportation, cabs offer privacy that allows you to experience the absence of intrusion. Taxis also allow you to multitask on your way to meetings. Unencumbered with driving, you can communicate with your people or coordinate your plans while waiting to arrive at your destination. And with the rising costs of gas and parking, sometimes cabs can be the most affordable method. These reasons are why you will want to choose Curt’s Transportation Services.

Another advantage Curt’s Transportation Services can offer is our drivers. Hired for their experience and understanding of the local area, they will always be able to navigate any destination you need to get to. Our professional drivers have been at it long enough they also understand what it’s like for a person to ride in the back of a vehicle. You’ll never have to worry about your ride being uncomfortable because they’ll always keep your experience in mind as they navigate you toward your destination of choice.

The Services You Need and the Prices You Want

Curt’s Transportation Services offers more than taxis in East Peoria IL alone. We also have the tools to help you move, whether that’s across the greater Peoria IL area, across state lines, or across the United States. We have a side selection of U-Haul trucks and trailers, as well as the packing supplies you need to get your things to your next destination.

A couple loads up a moving van, which is one of the services Curt's Transportation Services offers in addition to Taxis in East Peoria IL

Contact Us Today

Whether you’re looking for a ride now or want to schedule one for another time, give Curt’s Transportation Services a call at 309-322-4227. We look forward to being able to help make transportation something you enjoy instead of dreading. We’re all you need to trust when looking for taxis in East Peoria IL.