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The Best Place to Rent Moving Trucks in Peoria IL

Preparing for an upcoming move is challenging for anyone! While hiring professional movers can simplify the process, professional movers aren’t an expense everyone can afford. Thankfully, by renting moving trucks in Peoria IL, you can manage most of a move yourself without paying exorbitant prices. With Curt’s Transportation Services, we supply U-Haul rentals to customers throughout the Tri-County area.

Do You Need a Moving Truck?

No matter the move size or distance to your location, renting a moving truck is essential to a successful moving process. Thankfully, Curt’s Transportation’s U-Haul rental is a simple and affordable process. Renting a moving truck as it’s benefits for DIY moving, such as:

Moving trucks in Peoria IL driving down the highway
  • Fewer Trips
    • Without a moving truck, the only way to move houses is to bring loads of furniture and belongings to your new location piece by piece. While this might be manageable for in-town moves, you might not have the time or money to move your home in multiple trips. Renting a moving truck ensures you can complete your move within one trip.
  • Plenty of Space
    • Your belongings can be easily damaged during a move without the proper vehicles and equipment. However, your furniture and possessions stay secure in transit by using a properly sized moving truck with access to dollies, moving straps and other moving equipment. With Curt’s, you can select the right truck or trailer size for your move and buy/rent additional moving equipment.
  • Cost-Effective
    • We’ve already mentioned that renting moving trucks in Peoria IL is significantly less than hiring professional movers. U-Haul rentals and DIY moving are among the most cost-effective methods for moving across town or out of state. For your truck, you only pay for the time you have it and for any gas you use during your trip. The only other costs you might encounter are optional, such as rental insurance, moving supplies, etc.
Moving Trucks in Peoria IL parked in a home's driveway

Everything You Need for a Successful Move

Curt’s Transportation Services provides those looking to move with extensive supplies that make packing, loading and unloading easier. In addition to U-Haul rentals, you can purchase boxes, packing tape, sofa covers, bed covers, rope, padlocks, packing paper and more while at Curt’s. Also, our rental services include smaller trucks and trailers if you aren’t looking to move an entire house’s worth of belongings.

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Don’t start moving without securing rental for moving trucks in Peoria IL. Give Curt’s Transportation Services a call for fast, easy, and affordable U-Haul rentals. Or, if you require cab services throughout the Tri-County area, Curt’s can happily oblige! Learn more by contacting Curt’s at 309-322-4227.