How Do I Get to Peoria International Airport

How Do I Get to Peoria International Airport? The Easiest Answer: Call Curt’s.

If you’re taking a trip that requires travel from the airport, you may be asking, “How do I get to Peoria International Airport?” The General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport is conveniently located on the southwest edge of Peoria and provides service to 13 destinations on three airlines. And if you’re headed to a destination outside of Peoria, one of the easiest ways to find the airport is to call for service from Curt’s Transportation Services. With skilled drivers who know the area inside and out, we’ll get you to the airport on time, no directions needed.

Women wait with luggage while one waves her hand for a taxi. If you're asking "How Do I Get to Peoria International Airport" make the call to Curt's Transportation Services for ease.

Why You Need Curt’s Transportation Services

Curt has decades in the transportation business, and his experience has informed the way we do our business. When you make a call, one of our professional, highly experienced team members picks you up on time, and with plenty of time to head to the airport. We’ll arrive in a clean Scion vehicle, and we promise we’ll give you the most comfortable there. We have plenty of space for your luggage. Plus, our outstanding amenities will ensure you can keep your electronics charged while you wait to head to your next destination.

Curt’s Transportation Services is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week so you can get to your next destination easily. Our highly experienced, professional drivers will get you where you’re going. After all, we believe it’s important to provide the best team to get you where you need safely and comfortably. With services throughout the tri-county area, including Greater Peoria as well as Tazewell, Woodford, and Peoria Counties, we’re ready to get you to the airport, or any other destination. There’s no need to ask, “How do I get to Peoria International Airport?” when you can give Curt’s a call.

A woman gets into the back of a taxi while making a phone call. If you're asking "How Do I Get to Peoria International Airport" call the experts at Curt's Transportation Services, who can get you there safely.

Additional Services We Offer

Curt’s Transportation Services offers more than taxi service to the airport. We’re your trusted resource for U-Haul services, too. You can rent a moving vehicle from us. Plus you can find the equipment and packing supplies you need to finalize your change of address. We’ll help you take the stress out of your move.

Contact Us

If you’re asked, “How do I get to Peoria International Airport?” make a 24/7 call to
309-322-4227 to book a pickup. We look forward to showing why we’re still the best in the business.