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Curt’s is the Taxi Company You Can Trust

Modern living is as hectic as ever, especially when you have unreliable transportation options and places to go. When you need to get somewhere, skip the hassle of driving yourself. Instead, call Curt’s Transportation Services for taxis in Woodford County IL. Our team consists of professional drivers who possess extensive local knowledge, ensuring that you always reach your destination safely and on time. And we are available 24/7 to meet your transportation needs.

A woman smiles at her phone as she makes a call to Curt's Transportation Services, which offers Taxis in Woodford County IL

Why Choose Curt’s

Decades of experience in the transportation industry shape every decision at Curt’s Transportation Services. When you call us, a team member will promptly arrive in one of our Scion vehicles, designed to provide the most comfortable and smooth ride possible. Each vehicle offers ample space and amenities, allowing you to relax on your way to your destination.

Unlike ride-sharing services, with Curt’s Transportation Services, you are guaranteed a professional driver every time. We make this commitment because we understand the importance of safety, comfort, and reliability. Our drivers’ extensive knowledge of the area ensures timely arrivals. For dependable taxis in Woodford County IL, trust Curt’s to deliver exceptional service.

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In addition to being your top choice for taxi services, we also offer dependable and comfortable U-Haul services. Whether you need to rent a vehicle or require packing supplies, we have everything you need to kickstart your move. Contact us today to reserve your U-Haul or to secure your moving supplies. We’re here to support you when you’re ready to make a move.

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Choose the most trusted name in taxis in Woodford County IL today. You can contact us 24/7 at 309-322-4227 to book in advance and make your travel even easier. We’re here and ready to get you where you need to go.